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Keeping Your Toolbox Clean And Organized

Keeping Your Toolbox Clean And Organized

Making the jobs you do easier involves keeping your tools organized within the toolbox that you put them in. Toolboxes can quickly become a disaster area if they are ill-maintained. Here are some tips for keeping your toolbox clean and organized:

Keep your tools clean
It’s a simple concept right? If you keep your tools clean it will keep the inside of your box clean. To clean a dirty tool, spray it with WD-40 and wipe it off with a rag before putting back in the box.

Make a system that works
Look at the size of the drawers and put the tools into a drawer that works perfectly for you. If you feel like a certain set of tools should be in a certain spot, put them there. It’s really all about what’s most efficient for you. Just be sure to always put the tools back where they belong after you’re done.

Know what you need
Instead of rummaging through your toolbox and making a mess, know what tools you need before you actually start the job. This will cut down on the tools that you need to keep shifting around for no reason.