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Four Steps For Using An Air Compressor

Four Steps For Using An Air Compressor

Air compressors are versatile machines to assist you with anything from inflating a tire to using a nail gun (Caution: Never combine those two tasks – flat tires stink). If you find that you have some tasks that require the use of an air compressor, here is how to use one.

1) Check oil levels

Just like you would in your car, air compressors also need their oil checked. Before you operate it, make sure the oil levels are sufficient.  

2) Hose and attachment
Before you plug in the machine, properly attach the hose to the compressor and put whichever attachment you plan to use on that. By looking at the owner’s manual, be sure that the pressure provided by the tank is right for the job. Change the pressure setting to the appropriate level if they are not there already.

3) Getting started

Now that you’re ready, plug the compressor in. You should hear it building air automatically. When it is finished, the machine will also shut off automatically meaning that it’s ready for you to use. Once you start, after a while the compressor will turn on again meaning it is trying to get more air. You can continue while the compressor is on except you will have much less air pressure available to you. If you need a lot of air for your attachment to operate, it is better to let the compressor build up for a little while. It does not have a limit of how many times it will fill itself. Remember, the bigger the tank, the less it will have to fill itself up.

4) Finishing
After your job is complete, simply unplug the compressor and remove the hose and attachments.