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Sharpening A Drill Bit With A Bench Grinder

Sharpening A Drill Bit With A Bench Grinder

Drill bits can last a long time but they need to be sharpened occasionally to stay in working order. The most efficient way to do that is by sharpening them with a bench grinder. Here’s how you can do it:

Get prepared
To do this effectively you will need a pair of work gloves, safety goggles, pliers and a glass of water. Put on the safety equipment before you start and keep the water close to the grinder. The pliers will be used to hold the bit.

Sharpening the bit
First off, never put the drill bit tip directly into the grinding wheel. This will only permanently ruin the bit. Instead, while holding the bottom of the bit with pliers, angle it so that you are applying the “cone” part of the bit to the grinder. Do not leave any part of the bit on for too long and rotate it so one part doesn’t become uneven from another. Cool the bit off when it gets too hot by dipping it into the water.

Sharpening the ridges
Getting to the ridges is work that is too fine for a grinder to handle. If you believe sharpening the tip isn’t enough, do the ridges manually with a file.